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  • Base Artigas - Uruguay - Operación Antarkos XVI 1999 - 2000 (in Spanish)
    Original URL: (Webmaster's response.)

  • El Proyecto Antawa (also in Uruguay)
    "The Antawa Project, is an idea to bring together, people related to Antarctic activities, particularly in the Spanish speakers community."
    Original URL:

  • Dave Stirling's Home for Cinderellas
    Dave passed on c.2006
    Original URL:

  • Stamp Collecting for Kids, by W. J. Bill Finch
    Note: Wilfred J "Bill" Finch passed away on June 7, 2003.
    Original URL:

  • Stamp Word, by Vasilis Konstantinidis (his response)
    An MS-Word template, built to help philatelic collectors design their own stamp album pages.
    P.S. If you have a stamp from Greece (Hellas) and you need information about it, just scan it and send it to me by e-mail, I'll be happy to help
    original URL :

  • David Cassar's General information for the beginning stamp collector.
    David lives in Malta (in Europe) {David's response}
    Original URL:

  • The Boy Scout's Stamp Collecting Merit Badge, Troop 685, San Diego, California, USA
    Original URL:

  • Free Vineland Republic (Ms. Henrietta Vinsangh), @1, @2, @3*
    Original URL's: &
    cf. stampcat.htm#Bidner>Michael bidner.htm>Bidner stamp (xref Artistamps)
    P.O. Box 876, Auckland. (on 94-icis.htm)- - >

  • The Reynolds' Texas Centennial Page (Scott # 776)
    Original URL:

  • Identify Stamps, by Marco Sampaio, Portugal
    Original URL: (.)

  • Postal History of Worcester, Massachusetts, by Bob Track
    This Link Posted at:
    Original URL's:

  • Indian Philately: Catalog 1947-2004,
    Original URL:

  • Mansoor Bolar's Indian Stamps : Sales, Exchanges (basic)
    Original URL:

  • Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association, India
    Original URL:

  • Hobby Time: Stamps from Iraq,
    Original URL:

  • Medifila Online (news organ for "Gruparea de Filatelie Tematică Crucea Rosie-Medicină") of Romania
    Original URL:

  • Malaya stamps: Syburi Maxwell, Singapore, (it's a start)

  • Mr. Sudhir Jain, India
    Social Worker, Writer, Philatelist
    Original URLs:
    Home page:
    His Currencey Collection :
    Jainism in Philately :

  • The Stamps of Aruba: 1986-1993
    old url:

  • Rhea's Stamp Identifier, Rhea Melanson (c. 1999)
    (She also had Cat's on stamps but I missed that... ;<)
    old url:

  • Ian Billings' Break-up of the USSR &
    Stamps & Postmarks with a maritime theme (including Lighthouses)
    old url: et. al.

    Other Articles:

  • Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - about Stamps; duh!)
    (an historical copy of one of the oldest stamp related websites)

  • USPS Publication 119 - Sources of (US) Historical Information (amended) (x)

  • A Catalogue of Nuclear Explosions on Stamps (.pdf)
    Compiled by Rev. John Walden (cc)

  • The Stamps of Canada, by B.W.H. Poole (c.1908)

  • Crusade Against Cancer First Day Cover Collection, by Mike Smith
    hosted elsewhere! but archived. (cc)

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